Welcome to Heartlands Quality Labrador Retrievers, where quality matters most. We specialize in breeding some of the most beautiful labrador retrievers in the world. Our goal is to not only produce healthy, well sounded puppies for shows, workforce, or therapy dogs but for also families across the United States. 

      Labrador Retrievers are America's top purebred dog in popularity ratings. Their beautiful temperaments, good looks, and eagerness to please are just some of the reasons people love the labrador retriever!​ Since the late 1700 hundreds when the Labrador Retriever ( then known as the Lesser Newfoundland) was introduced into England by The third Earl of Malmesbury, the Labrador has steadily grown in popularity. Today the Labrador continues to be the most popular breed in the US according to AKC registration statistics.

      There have been countless Labradors breeders over the years; unfortunately, however, not all breeders breed to enhance or maintain breed standards as defined by the AKC, which has led to a wide variation in looks. It is commonly agreed however that there is an "American" type and an "English" type. The AKC yet has only one standard.

      Heartland Quality Labrador breeds only "English." The "English Labrador" are recognized by their blocky square head, deep chest and shorter legs 

Here at Heartland Quality Labradors, we breed our dogs to a strict, self-imposed, quality matrix that ensures consistent quality. Quality, as defined in the dictionary, is: "A Measure of excellence or state of being free from defectsdeficiencies, and significant variations." These are the words we live by. We have never claimed to have the very best dogs. We do, however, argue that our dogs are excellent examples of the breed in conformation, character, disposition, and health.

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